Strategies For Keeping Cool and Composed in Stressful Situations

Losing your temper will almost always make a bad situation worse. The key to keeping your cool during most frustrating times is to rely on acts of empathy, concision, clarity, and good organization.

Kate Midena of the Australian site has a piece up about keeping a cool head during the warm summer months. For those of us firmly entrenched in the Northern Hemisphere, the advice is still plenty useful despite the fact that we're in for a lousy winter up ahead. Here are some of Midena's key points for keeping your temper in check:

1. Be nice: The best way to keep your composure is to make sure your surroundings are calm. If you're confronted by an angry co-worker or find yourself in the middle of an ugly argument, know that cooling the situation means relying on empathy. The other person may be having a rough day or could be dealing with a ton of stress. You can't let them get under your skin. Before fighting back, consider more pacifistic approaches in order to reach a peaceful solution. 

2. Be clear: If someone has ticked you off and you're forced to confront them, be sure not to pussyfoot around the issue. Midena interviewed a life coach who recommends that you rely on...

"...clear, calm, short statements. Tell them what you’d like them to do. Be courteous. Always take someone with you if you feel threatened, look after your physical safety. Otherwise, look at it as an opportunity to build your confidence in speaking up, and know by speaking up about something you’re valuing your own needs.”

3. Have perspective: There are some things you should let upset you. There are others you can't:

"The weather, people’s attitudes, whether your banana bruises in your bag, the traffic — there are so many things operating outside of our control every day. The secret to coping? Don’t sweat the small stuff."

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