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Companies That Say They Support Veterans Need to Hire Them

Want to honor military veterans? Ditch the yellow ribbon and instead offer them opportunities to excel in a civilian career.

America’s military veterans don’t need abstract support, says Sgt. David Tejada (ret.) over at Fox News Opinion. What they need are opportunities to succeed in civilian life. They need access to training programs so they can learn new skills to help launch careers. They need companies to display dedication beyond tweeting yellow ribbon memes twice a year. There’s a difference between saying “I support the troops” and actually supporting the troops.

“Our country asks so much of soldiers during their service and then leaves them in isolation when they return. We’re thanked on Veteran’s Day and the lost are mourned on Memorial Day. That’s two days of appreciation and 363 days of being forgotten.”

Tejada calls on private companies to create programs that engage ex-servicemembers on levels they’re comfortable with. He says the three key elements for an ideal setup are that it’s mission-driven, incorporates squad-like teamwork, and offers mentorship opportunities from the top-down. Tejada notes that the company he works for has a program that hits those three benchmarks:

“I work in a familiar environment where goals are clearly delineated, veterans work side-by-side in squads, and weaknesses are strengthened through additional training. This structure allows each group of vets to be successful with any client.”

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