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With Obama’s Win, What to Expect at Fox News

Ten months ago the patterns of attacks among some of the leading personalities at Fox News were already emerging.

With Barack Obama’s win tonight in Iowa, expect the character attacks, innuendo, race codes, and islamo-phobia to pick up among various Fox News personalities. More than 10 months ago, filmmaker Robert Greenwald released a brilliant video montage of the emerging attacks on programs such as Hannity & Colmes and Fox & Friends. Watch the footage above.

In coming months, expect the following themes to be emphasized:

*Allegations that the only reason Obama could move from the state legislature to the Senate to Presidential candidate in the span of four years is that he is black.

*Frequent mentions of Obama’s middle name, along with insinuations about whether Obama is secretly Muslim, truly American, or “one of us.”

*Given his background and education, questions as to whether Obama is truly black? Does he really care about African Americans?

*Frequent mentions of his use of cocaine.


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