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Podcast: More on Framing (and Dawkins)

The Point of Inquiry podcast is produced by the Center for Inquiry-Transnational and averages 60,000 listeners a week.

In this week’s show, host DJ Grothe and I engage in a lively forty-five minute discussion. You can listen here.

I offer more details on:

–> the nature of framing and media influence.
–> does framing mean false spin?
–> the likely negative impact of Dawkins.
–> communication strategy specific to the teaching of evolution in schools.
–> what the Discovery Institute understood about framing (also see this post.)
–> the role of framing in the debates over climate change and stem cell research.
–> the use of “science navigators” in communication campaigns.
–>an effective means for engaging the broader American public on atheism.

PS : Chris Mooney also posts from the road in Australia. He has more to offer on framing, climate change, and Dawkins.

PS II: The Point of Inquiry series is a terrific example of real “public media,” programs that create a public space for a substantive discussion and presentation of ideas. Make sure you check out their MySpace page. The programs are produced by DJ Grothe and Thomas Donnelly. The executive producer is Paul Kurtz. They and the rest of the staff at the Center for Inquiry deserve tremendous credit for creating this wonderful resource.


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