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Pie Grows Smaller

In my inbox today, got an update from MEED, a comprehensive Middle East Business Review, titled “Yemen: The Region’s Failing State”. Now, unless you subscribe to MEED, you won’t be able to access the report. I am not able to either, as one year is about 1200 bones, US. Sorry, gang. But this dovetails pretty nicely with what we’ve been saying for a while. As instability inreases in Yemen, people who might have thought about investing in it are going to get cold feet. After all, who wants to build things in a country that is on the verge of falling apart? With that, revenue shrinks, and as revenue shrinks, the funds that grease the wheels of patronage dry up. And that promotes more instability. And so on.

ConstructionWeekOnline (you go to wierd places doing research, man) mentions a report from the World Risk Review warning investors away from Yemen, stating that “(t)he deeriorating political climate has further increased investment risk in the country and curbed international oil companies (sic) interest in an oil exploration round due to be launched late this year”. News goes from bas to worse. I’ve ordered the full report, and am looking forward to reading it this weekend, as oppossed to being outside or talking to girls or something.

Below, I briefly discussed an article abstract by MEED, a subscription to which costs some 1200 bones. Valued reader David, however, saved the day by providing a link to Google’s […]

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