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Palestinian Progress

Britain will send $80 million to support the Palestinian Authority, help Gazans through the winter and pay teachers in U.N. schools.

“Britain yesterday marked the first anniversary of Israel’s military onslaught on Gaza by announcing a £50m aid package for Palestinians, including backing for what it called “a drive against extremism” among the territory’s young people. The move came 24 hours after Israeli forces killed six Palestinians – three of them Gaza civilians – in one of the conflict’s deadliest days since the three-week offensive that began with massive aerial bombing of Hamas targets a year ago yesterday. Yesterday Hamas marked the anniversary of the conflict with protests in the Gaza city of Jebaliya, close to where senior militant leader Nizar Rayyan was killed by an Israeli bomb. But with only 3,000 loyalists in attendance, according to AP, most residents ignored calls to show solidarity with their leadership, many expressing their dissatisfaction with Gaza’s economic collapse by staying at home.”


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