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Margaret Spellings wants to hear from YOU

A couple of weeks ago I posted about U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings’ ed tech woes. Apparently now she wants to hear from YOU. Please give her your thoughts and opinions. Who knows? Maybe someone will actually listen (and, if you believe that, I got a bridge to sell you…).

A couple of additional thoughts:

  1. I wonder if Secretary Spellings actually writes the posts on her travel log herself or if someone is ghost writing for her.
  • Her latest ed tech roundtable was May 3 or 4, when she met with undisclosed “business leaders, industry experts, and practitioners.” With whom is she talking? No idea. No mention yet of ISTE, CoSN, SETDA, NACOL, ETAN, etc. No problem. They’re only some of the most knowledgeable organizations in the country about K-12 ed tech. Hey, maybe next time (and, if you believe that…).

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