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Huila coughing up ash

If the current activity around the world wasn’t enough, I just found a report that Nevado del Huila in Colombia had an ash-producing explosive eruption today. The Colombian government is working on an evacuation of the area, but the details of the extent of the ash is unclear. The report on Huila from INGEOMINAS (spanish) posted yesterday afternoon noted over 400 earthquakes under the volcano over the last week and sulfur dioxide emissions at ~4400 tonnes/day at the volcano. They concluded that these data points suggest that magma is moving and that magma extrusion (eruption) is likely – so, they were right about that! Huila has been have intermittent eruptions for the last few years after centuries of quiet – and ash plumes were reported as recently as last month.

This is the second eruption in Colombia in the past week, with Galeras having a non-explosive eruption last week that prompted evacuations as well.

UPDATE: A couple webcams for Huila, courtesy of Eruptions reader Henrik: Tafxnú and Maravillas.


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