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China Will Kill Briton

China is scheduled to execute a Briton convicted of smuggling heroin despite claims that he is severely mentally ill.

“Two cousins of a British man who is due to be executed in China tomorrow have travelled to the country to make a last-minute plea for his life. Akmal Shaikh faces the death sentence — most likely to be carried out by injection — for having four kilogrammes (8.8lbs) of heroin when he flew into the western city of Urumqi, in the mainly Muslim Xinjiang region, two years ago. Calling for mercy, his supporters say that Shaikh, 53, a father of three, has bipolar disorder and should not be held responsible for his actions. China’s Supreme Court turned down his final appeal last week and set December 29 as the date of execution. Shaikh has not been informed of the date and will learn his fate today. The Londoner would be the first European national to be put to death in China in 50 years, the British prisoners’ rights charity Reprieve has said. China uses either a firing squad or injection as a means of execution and, given the attention the case has attracted, the latter would probably be chosen.”


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