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Guest Thinkers

Aritificial Time Management

“Instead of the vast expanses of leisure time imagined by science fiction writers, we now get one hour less sleep per night than our parents’ generation did.”

“The shift from organic time to clock time was seismic. We are now in the early stages of another seismic shift: from clock time to the hyper-artificial measurement of digital time. Digital time has obliterated the last vestiges of organic time and seriously undermined the tenets of clock time. Digital time and the technologies that support it—such as the Internet, the cell phone and the personal computer—make us available Always, Anytime and Anywhere. Although we still tell time by the clock, we live and think in digital time. And digital time is curiously oriented in the present—even the display of a digital clock does not show us what time has passed or what time lies ahead. It is always simply the time it is: 8:39 p.m., or 6:57 a.m.”


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