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Guest Thinkers

A Healthy Environment for a Healthy You

saving environment is paramount to saving ourselves

Have you ever consider dealing with environmental issues as you deal with our own health issues?How can someone disregards environment as one of the causes of unhealthy living? Come to think of it, If you’re a runner will you have a place to run or jog or even walk if your living in a polluted environment? If your a vegetarian, how sure you are that you are your fruits and veggies are safe for eating if your farmers rampantly uses pesticides and other chemicals.For me saving environment is paramount to saving ourselves…and…The greatest culprit to our unhealthy environment is our WASTE.As individuals, no matter how small we stand in our community, we have a big responsibility and contribution in keeping our own waste. If it will not start within us, who else will?Speaking about about the tons of electronic waste, can’t we do anything about it? I believe we can…Take for example our old and defective computers. Does it need to be in the junk right away? It doesn’t have to.Old and defective computers can still be treasures to us. It can still be repaired, optimized and upgraded, then reuse it again. I’ve done such to mine and it saves me bucks. You can learn more on how to fix, repair or upgrade old computers at columbus computer repair or doing a search on Google. There are are a number of options in the web like downloadables, online technicians and home services.Aside from reusing old electronic stuff, we can also sell it during garage sale or even donate it to less fortunate families that treasures our worn out stuff. Recycling and reusing is the best method or answer to our non biodegradable waste.As we start to indulge in our personal health programs, try starting an environmental program with our own homes…Try it, it will surely work!!!


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