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The Year’s Top Culture Tech Innovations

Read Write Web’s top stories about how the social web has helped us answer questions in 2011 includes the discovery of prehistoric earth-art and a photo archive of all species.

What’s the Latest Development?

In case you missed them, here are of ten of 2010’s key stories on how IT helped us deal with practical issues and answer big questions. One, designed to help address declining marine life, is an interactive map of areas suffering suffering from low oxygen or excessive fertilization. Another shows how networked intelligence can reveal the already-there: in this case Google Earth helped scientists see thousands of earth-art giant wheels.

What’s the Big Idea?

The top ten: 1. 100 Years of Dance Music; 2. Afro Nerd Superstar Explosion; 3. Scientists Use Google Earth to Understand Mysterious Giant Wheels; 4. ARKive to Document Every Species on Earth; 5. Geospatial Humanities: Using Location Tech to Rebuild the Past; 6. Using Twitter to Preserve Minority Languages; 7. Using 3D Printing to Repair Rodin’s Thinker; 8. New Software Helps Rebuild Ancient Cities; 9. Mapping the Dead Zones; 10. 9-11 Oral Histories Saved and Shared via Smart Phone.

Image: Shutterstock


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