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The New F-Word in Art

“Time and opportunities have created a new breed of so-called ‘feminist’ artists. Intelligent Life’s Jessica Machado talks to a few de facto practitioners.”

“The artists themselves—Plumb, Gilmore, Begien and Rottenberg—say they aren’t against the word ‘feminism’. All four artists are careful to give credit to their female predecessors for ‘fighting the fight’ and framing their work in some fashion. But none seem too eager to wave their feminist flag either. ‘It’s not like we’re fighting for these rights in a political way any more,’ observes Begien. ‘Now, it’s about the modern-day niche of feminism.’ Begien says that by exploring the role of an androgynous girl—’How does she fit into the world? What does that person do for fun?’—she hopes to show that ‘that person’ is not so different from anyone else. ‘She’s human,’ she says.”


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