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Lady Gaga a Feminist Icon?

"Gaga's entire persona seems to question what's expected of women." 'Lady' with suggestions of gentility, sweetness...'Gaga' with intimations of infantility, madness...

“Gaga’s entire persona seems to question what’s expected of women.” ‘Lady’ with suggestions of gentility, sweetness…’Gaga’ with intimations of infantility, madness… “In fact, she exposes femininity as a sham in all sorts of ways. If the typically feminine woman is supposed to be simpering, seductive, weak, manipulated — essentially submissive – Gaga kicks against all these qualities.” “I don’t love Gaga — to have a really emotional response to her, you have to love surface, pure performance, you have to love the work of someone such as Andy Warhol… But I do admire her. I think she’s fascinating.”


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