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Can Comedians Change Politics?

“Part of our current malaise is sheer fatigue with the old forms of politics. Can the Comedy Central duo break the mold?” The Guardian on Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.

“In the US, we’re beyond disenchanted with politics, worn to a nub by partisan pettiness, knee-jerk negativity and scandalous incompetence. This disillusionment spans the political spectrum, and it seems everyone is descending on the Lincoln Memorial to prove it. Last month, Beck-Palin rolled into Washington, DC for a ‘Restoring Honour’ rally. And next month, the National Mall will tilt to the left, hosting two events that’ll tell us a lot about the state of progressive protest in the US today. Organisers of the October rallies have a lot they could teach each other, and combining strategies could lead to a potent movement for change.”


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