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Also Rogue

Senate member and former vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman is seen to be “holding Obama to ransom” by using his deciding vote to go against the health care reform bill.

“Joe Lieberman has long gone rogue in his own way. The senator from Connecticut and former Democratic vice-presidential candidate may not be quite out there with that other contender for high office, Sarah Palin. But Lieberman – a professed liberal who supports access to abortion, gun control and some gay rights – infuriated former allies and Democratic voters in his own state with support for George Bush’s war in Iraq, and astonished them by campaigning for John McCain and Palin in last year’s presidential election. Now, in the view of some, he is plumbing new depths of betrayal by using his deciding vote as an independent member of the Senate to hold hostage Barack Obama’s reform of America’s dysfunctional healthcare system.”

Democrats and Republicans have ramped up their efforts to secure votes for a seat in the Senate which will be critical to passing, or not passing, Obama’s health care reform bill.

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