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Mind Memes for April 3: Mars Buzz, An Anti-Drone Hoodie and More

1. The Anti-drone Hoodie

Some clothing is designed to make you stand out from the crowd. Then there are the clothes that are to designed to make you invisible to drones. A new anti-drone silver hoodie designed by Adam Harvey for his Stealth Wear collection hides its wearer from thermal imaging.

Harvey tells The Guardian: “I’m not trying to make products for survivalists. I would like to introduce this idea to people: that surveillance is not bulletproof. That there are ways to interact with it and there are ways to aestheticise it.”

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2. L.A., synchronized

A 30-year project to synchronize all 4,500 traffic lights in Los Angeles has been completed. The city hopes to prevent or at least reduce the notorious gridlock that drivers experience in the City of Angels. The results so far are modest for this ambitious and expensive experiment.

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3. A Second Perestroika Needed for Putin’s Russia?

President Vladimir Putin has set a “a ruinous and hopeless path” for Russia, says Mikhail Gorbachev. The former Soviet Union president will be appearing this fall at The Nantucket Project, a festival of ideas on Nantucket, Massachusetts produced by Big Think. 

To learn more about The Nantucket Project and how to attend the 2013 event visit

4. Robotic Jellyfish 2.0

Virginia Tech engineers have released their second robotic jellyfish named Cyro. The self-powered robojelly is designed for undersea surveys such as oil spill investigations.

Watch the video here:

Virginia Tech: Autonomous Robotic Jellyfish from virginiatech on Vimeo.

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5. More Mars Buzz

The second man to walk on the moon says NASA should not be sending other astronauts to Earth’ssatellite. “They have better places to go,” Buzz Aldrin writes in his forthcoming National Geographic book Mission to Mars: My Vision for Space Exploration

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