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A woman wearing glasses and a leather jacket.
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Hospital
A black man with a beard in a black shirt.
Former NFL Player
Associate Professor of Global Politics at University College London
Marcelo Gleiser
Theoretical Physicist
A woman wearing glasses and a turtle neck top.
Author, “Healthy Brain, Happy Life”
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Recent Episodes
Three industrial smokestacks emit dense, white smoke against a blue sky.
We’re not doomed. Here’s how to revive Planet Earth
8 min
An illustrated human brain with musical notes to suggest the concept of music and cognition against a vintage anatomical background.
Homo sapiens: The “great synthesizers” of music
9 min
A man sitting at a desk on a phone.
How did we end up here? Anthropologist explains how work has shaped society
9 min
Zen buddhism 101 by zen buddhism 101.
A Zen master’s guide to crushing pain & unlocking peace
8 min
An ufo flying over a forest.
Why haven’t we found aliens? A physicist shares the most popular theories
13 min
An older man pondering with his hand on his chin, contemplating effective altruism.
What is effective altruism? Philosopher Peter Singer explains
8 min
Recent Episodes
Series of six images displaying the diffraction patterns of light as it passes through various shaped apertures.
A 7-minute guide to the relationship between quantum mechanics and black holes
7 min
A man sitting on a bench in the dark.
How loneliness is killing us, according to a Harvard professor
6 min
A man in a suit with white hair and a red tie.
The four types of planetary civilizations, explained by Michio Kaku
6 min
A group of sheep in a barn with a green arrow in front of them.
The unexpected impact of AI on animals
5 min
A man in a suit is pointing his finger at a yellow background, referencing string theory.
Einstein failed to solve the Universe. Here’s what it would take to succeed. | Michio Kaku
6 min
The cover of a dying profession.
More accountants are leaving the field than joining. What’s going on?
4 min
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