Bankers and Merchants aren’t being held accountable .

A hundred years ago , one would have to actively seek an advertisement for goods and services in papers and magazines . The general population would be exposed to fewer advertisements in a lifetime than a modern person is exposed to in a week from a variety of media, merchandise and services.

It is a fact that the more one is exposed to; a lie , a service , a product; that individual will begin to consider what is being presented as having merit . How many times you have seen a particular commercial in a lifetime? Over time it becomes a form of conditioning . The end result ...? To willingly exploit your own ego .’ Keeping up with the Jones’ syndrom . Yet entire countries are vilified for such activity ( USA )

The bankers and merchants that have conditioned the people their entire life through a variety of media, clothing and merchandise, a few minutes at a time, five to six times an hour; to want the ‘new’ or ‘better’ or ‘smarter’ , tangible and intangible product is overlooked.

Television for instance , I was watching the ‘news’ and hearing people speculate how high prices would rise for petrol ; then without missing a beat , a financial ‘reporter’ states that petrol companies are reporting record profits. Afterwards the commercials (sponsors) were of those very petrol companies...

Even social stereotypes are exploited by networks which have as a majority of their sponsors (paying to re-enforce stereotypical behavior year after year) are bankers and merchants .

Look at the political machine . Can you name a politician that doesn’t use merchants and bankers money ? Just who’s interest will a politician defend....the one paying the bills? Odd isn’t it , the names of the people that make up ‘corporate America’ without their company name when they are paying for corporate recognition .IMO

Merchants and bankers are NOT being held accountable for their influence on the public ; yet various countries peoples are being vilified for government actions that clearly only benefit the money changers , not it's people.

No it isn't all bad , but for it to be better , responsibility should be placed on the shoulders of those that can effect change in personality and process...the money changers ability to condition the masses is greater than any governments .The people have not had control in their own long term conditioning outside of religious belief , for some time now.

I may be grasping at straws but it adds up to me. I realize that this issue is really a global one . I was just approaching it with an American perspective .

How do we combat greed? Remove the value by redefining 'money'; put in a simple governor for money, like lets say ; it loses all value after a period of time; say a 'shelf life' of 90 days. In order for capital to continue to develop worth, it must be put back into circulation, and hoarding it would only lessen its value. It might just be able to wipe out poverty with the deluge of ‘old’ money that would have to be returned to the ‘global economy’; but merchants and bankers would never allow it to happen without a fight.

If bankers and merchants are to be held accountable for :

conditioning various populations, paying to re-enforce negative images that imprint on our children , corrupting our forms of governments to the point of various wars ;

how do we do it ?What do you think?

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