Watch Ben Affleck End Genocide in the Congo

Though we're more accustomed to see him in B-list romantic comedies and hosting Saturday Night Live, Ben Affleck reported some encouraging news out of central Africa recently where he has teamed up with photographer James Nachtwey to cover the ethnic conflict in the Congo.

Affleck, who has been visiting the region since 2007 "to learn," said eastern Congo is seeing a slight de-escalation in ethnic fighting with the Congolese army taking an active role in seperating Hutu civilians from Interhamawhe militias. Rwandan president Paul Kagame said "I have never been more hopeful than right now." Still can't believe it? Catch Affleck's reportage and all of Nachtwey's images at Time World.

LinkedIn meets Tinder in this mindful networking app

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Swipe right. Match. Meet over coffee or set up a call.

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34 years ago, a KGB defector chillingly predicted modern America

A disturbing interview given by a KGB defector in 1984 describes America of today and outlines four stages of mass brainwashing used by the KGB.

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  • Bezmenov described this process as "a great brainwashing" which has four basic stages.
  • The first stage is called "demoralization" which takes from 15 to 20 years to achieve.
  • According to the former KGB agent, that is the minimum number of years it takes to re-educate one generation of students that is normally exposed to the ideology of its country.
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Douglas Rushkoff – It’s not the technology’s fault

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  • It's an all-hands-on-deck moment in the arc of civilization.
  • Everyone has a choice: Do you want to try to earn enough money to insulate yourself from the world you're creating— or do you want to make the world a place you don't have to insulate yourself from?
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