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Esther Dyson does business as EDventure Holdings, the reclaimed name of the company she owned for 20-odd years before selling it to CNET Networks in 2004. In the last few[…]

Probably not, Dyson says.

Question: Would you invest in Michael Arrington’s blog aggregate?

Esther Dyson: I don’t know enough of we depend on who was running there would depend on the business model, I tend to invest in small things in help them grow rather than some join aggregation but I don’t see I mean that the beauty of the blogs is that the decentralized and so it is probably not what I would do in doing other interesting things like how is scatter in space travel and so far it is not that I am saying will be a horrible investments just probably not in the investment I will do.

Recorded on: 03/21/2008

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