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Since taking the helm of The New Yorker in 1998, David Remnick has returned the magazine to its profitable glory days. A graduate of Princeton University, he began his journalistic[…]

Remnick says he can guess which party the candidate will come from.

Question: Will The New Yorker endorse a candidate in 2008?

David Remnick: The New Yorker endorsed a [US presidential] candidate for the first time in its history, last time, and obviously led to a magnificent victory for [John] Kerry as you’ve seen in the last several years.

Yeah, we’ll endorse a candidate, but that’s not the most important thing we can do. The most important thing we can do is to report vigorously on the candidates as they run; and I mean on the Democrats, and on the Republicans, and on any potential third party candidates.  That’s the more tough-minded thing. I could probably guess at this point which party the New Yorker would endorse. So probably that question was more interesting the first time than it would be the second time.


Recorded on Jan 7, 2008