Will International Volunteers Help Restore America's Reputation Abroad?

Question: Will international volunteers help restore America's reputation abroad?

Queen Noor:    I think young Americans, Americans who have been professionals and have retired, there are of all ages and from all sectors, Americans who are serving in some fashion or another in many different parts of the world.  And they, there are ambassadors, those who are humble and respectful and open to learning and exchanging with other cultures are the ones who really represent the best of this nation and bring back to this country from their experiences abroad so much of value not only to their families and their communities but to policy makers as well if those policy makers are willing to listen.  The next administration is going to have to draw upon a wide array of resources to try to…  it’s not just a question of improving the image of the United States in the world, but for the United States to engage again in the world in a way that it’s not just focused on a certain aspects of national security, but is understanding that national security has to derive from the relationships and the partnerships, the mutually respectful and mutually beneficial partnerships that can be established with different countries, governments, different international institutions and people on the ground. 

Americans who serve around the world represent the best of the U.S., Queen Noor says.

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