Why do you think Barack Obama can unite the country?

Question: Why do you think Barack Obama can unite the country?

Ted Sorensen: A, because of his unique ability to inspire, mobilize, galvanize; bring people together, work with them, reach out to them. Kennedy had a pretty good ability of his own, we used to say, to build bridges in almost every audience – whether we’re talking about an audience of one or 1,000. I think Obama has that same unique ability, even more so. He represents . . . After all he’s both Black and White in his heritage. He represents the bridging of gaps, and so do his ideas. And I think that he will have program proposals that the county desperately, urgently needs. He has the ability to present them on nationwide television as president that will bring the people behind those programs. And members of both parties above all have an instinct for survival. And if they want to stay in office they will get behind the president’s program, because that’s where the voters will be.


Recorded on: 1/30/08

Obama represents a bridging of gaps, says Sorensen.

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