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Who's in the Video
Ken Adelman is currently vice-president of Movers and Shakespeares, which conducts executive training through leadership lessons from Shakespeare. Ambassador Adelman began teaching Shakespeare in 1977 at Georgetown University, and later[…]

The Mozarts, the Beethovens, the Shakespeares.

Ken Adelman: Well obviously you want to go to the Mozarts, the Beethovens, the Shakespeares . . . see what you can do to connect with those kind of minds on that, and what brings about this creative process. They may not be very illuminating about the creative process at all. They may not be creative about their creative process, but it just came to them. But that, I think, would be just phenomenal. Even phenomenal would be with Lincoln, Churchill and FDR and talk about . . . principles of leadership, if they ever thought about it. Maybe they didn’t think about it. Maybe they just did it, and they had an instinctive ability to thrive on something at the critical time. It’s so inspirational, so wonderful.

Recorded on: 7/2/07