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Melissa Chiu, Museum Director and Curator for Contemporary Asian and Asian-American art at the Asia Society, has had a long involvement with Asian contemporary art and is recognized as a[…]

Chiu recalls growing up in Australia.

Question: Who are you?

Melissa Chiu: My name is Melissa Chiu. And I am Director of the Asia Society museum.

Question: Where are you from and how has that shaped you?

Melissa Chiu: I was born in Darwin, Australia. It’s a far northern city. And I spent most of my childhood in this place. And then my mother believed that we should move south to Sydney to be educated, so I spent most of my life in Sydney. And in fact, just over six years ago I moved here to New York when I was offered a position at the Asia Society. My father is originally from mainland China. In fact, from the South of China, _________. And his family story is that they moved from Southern China from Hong Kong when the Communists came into power in China. And he subsequently moved to Australia for his university education. And my mother is Australian of Anglo-Celtic heritage.


Recorded on: Jul 11 2007




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