Which products are environmentally friendly?

Question: What products are environmentally friendly?

Jim Moriarty: Products that you should buy are products like Patagonia, Whole Foods, Inveda- Aveda,--I always get it wrong--products that are going out of their way to understand the larger scope, the larger impact. Things can be fashionable, they can taste great, they can do all those things, and they can still try to make the most conscious decisions possible for the long term. Don’t just live for today. Live for tomorrow and the day after with your purchasing decisions and there’s great examples of companies that are leading that charge. I just named some and I don’t want to blacklist any organizations for failing. Those companies will actually out themselves because people will see in the news-- They’ll see Toyota versus General Motors, Toyota expanding all over the world, doing really, really well, hip, celebrities are driving it, blah blah blah. People can’t say enough about Priuses. General Motors, huge labor issues, ugly, big cars, blah blah blah. Culture will vote. Not to bash American auto makers-- I hope that they get around to the fact that we all don’t want to drive massive SUVs. We want to drive things that reflect our tastes and reflect environmental consciousness.

Recorded on: 9/27/07


Buy products produced by companies with a vision, says Moriarty

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