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Rob Huebel

Rob Huebel is an American comedian based in New York City.  Huebel and fellow comedians Aziz Ansari and Paul Scheer are writers, actors, and executive producers in the MTV sketch[…]

Taking cues from Larry David.

Question: What was Curb Your Enthusiasm like?

Rob Huebel: Oh, man, Curb Your Enthusiasm is, like, the best show to work on because just everybody's super cool, like, I mean, Larry and Cheryl and Jeff Garland, like, all those guys, they're just, like, so nice and just really, really funny. What they do is there is not a script, you know? You just sort of have-- they kind of tell you what your deal is, you know, like, okay, well, so, like in my case, I was this doctor, a plastic surgeon, that lived next door to Larry and Larry thought that I was stealing his newspaper every day but he wasn't sure so he wanted to kind of, like, figure it out. It's just really fun because you don't have to worry about being funny on that show because he is so funny, you know? So kind of all you have to do is just react to him. So that's really what you do, you know, and, for me, it was so fun because he is just, like, you know, a hero of mine and to get, like, to do a scene with him where I yell at him and, like, get pissed off at Larry David, I was so psyched. I mean, it was really fun and then he gave me one of those stare-downs, you know, that he does on the show where he's, like, trying to, like, figure it out. I was just really pumped about it but, yeah, those guys are hilarious and it's just so cool the way they do it because they just shoot with a couple cameras and you just kind of say whatever you want and then the director is, like, yeah, that's really funny. Why don't you try something like this, you know? And then you it that way and, you know, you just do a few takes. The cool thing is just, like, no one's freaking out at that show. Everyone's just, like, really relaxed and there's cool people walking around serving plates of food. It was great.


Recorded On: 4/1/08