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Who's in the Video
John Legend, is an American soul singer, songwriter, and pianist. He has won six Grammy Awards.  Born John Stephens, Legend was a child prodigy who grew up in Ohio, where[…]

Vote, Legend says.

John Legend: Individually first of all, we all have to vote. We all have to speak out about the issues that are important to us. Because politicians, they’re not difficult to figure out. They want to win. And they want to win by pulling together a coalition of people that agrees with them on the issues. And you have to let them know what issues are important to you. And if you make issues important to you, then all of a sudden you’ll see a priority shift.

But if we don’t speak out, then the people that are in their ear all the time with all the money to hang out in Washington and be lobbyists are going to have more influence than the people do. And so the people need to speak. And I think with the Internet and all these ways of channeling opinion into the ears of the politicians, I think the people are getting to speak a lot more than they used to. And so we need to follow that up, though, with voting; with contributing to people we believe in. We need to do all that.

Recorded on: Jan 29, 2008