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Ken Adelman is currently vice-president of Movers and Shakespeares, which conducts executive training through leadership lessons from Shakespeare. Ambassador Adelman began teaching Shakespeare in 1977 at Georgetown University, and later[…]

We should have turned it over to a small group of Iraqis, or one capable figurehead, Adelman says.

Ken Adelman: Which is quite clear. That we liberated the country; we turn it over to a small group of Iraqis, or one figurehead Iraqi like Karzai in Afghanistan; and say in six months’ time the U.N. will have an election . . . U.N. run election in here to choose the leadership. But meanwhile there is a transition towards that leadership change. And that will be Iraqi run. It won’t be __________ run. It won’t be American run. It will be Iraqi run. And that will be a transition to something like that. Meanwhile we will preserve the law and order. We will stop the looting. We will stop the, you know . . . have marshal law ‘til the looters are out of there and then allow an Iraqi government to take over

. Recorded on: 7/2/07