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Who's in the Video
Dr. Sarah J. Schlesinger has been actively engaged in HIV/AIDS and HIV vaccine research for over ten years. She is currently conducting clinical trials to test a new vaccine called[…]

Happy, successful children and students, and an AIDS vaccine, is what Schlesigner wants.

Question: What do you hope to accomplish?

Sarah Schlesinger:  What I hope to accomplish is to have four sons leading productive and happy lives. 

That would be the first thing.  I would love for there to be an HIV vaccine in my lifetime.  It doesn’t even have to be one in which I’ve participated developing.  I feel that my contribution to the field has been not zero.  I’ve worked on it, and I could care less whose vaccine it is.  I really hope that I live to see a vaccine that works.  And I hope that I live to see a lot of my students go forward doing wonderful work.  I guess that’s it.

Recorded on: June 10, 2008