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Who's in the Video
Kay Warren is an evangelical leader, author, AIDS activist, and co-founder of Saddleback Church in Southern California. Along with her husband, Rick, Warren founded Saddleback in 1980 with just a[…]

Warren would like to have a chat with Mother Theresa.

Question: Whom would you like to interview?

Warren: Well she’s dead, but when I get to heaven I’m gonna talk to Mother Theresa. And I can’t wait to sit down and talk to her about how she lived a life of faith even though she had a lot of doubts. You know some of her more . . . her writings have come to light recently or have been published, and some people were very shaken by that – that Mother Theresa had doubts. And I’m like, “You go girl! Of course you had doubts. We all do.” It wouldn’t require faith if you didn’t have doubts. So really . . . but I’d love to sit down and just talk with her and say, “Tell me how you consistently, over 80 plus years, lived a life that was a life full of faith and service to God in spite of your doubts. And how did you give so much of yourself to so many other people, and deny yourself in such a way that so many other people’s lives were blessed?” I’ve been to Mother Theresa’s home for the dying in Calcutta. I’ve been to one of her orphanages in Rwanda. And she continues to inspire me, and I can’t wait to sit down next to her for a few thousand years and have a good chat.

Question: What should we be asking ourselves?

Warren: Who will speak up for people with HIV/AIDS if not you?  Who will be the voice of the 143 million orphans who tonight will roam the streets; who will live by themselves under bridges and under bushes; and live in huts with no one to care for them?  Who will speak up for those 143 million children if it’s not you?