What is your outlook?

Comedian, Writer, and Producer
The world is getting busier and more crowded, says Lieb.
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Question: Are you generally optimistic or pessimistic about the way the world is headed?

Josh Lieb: I . . . I guess I’m pessimistic. It’s . . . I don’t . . . It’s cliché to be a . . . a sad, funny guy. Ha-ha. You know so I’m not . . . I wanna have kids. You know I’m not that pessimistic. I think we’ll be fine. There’s . . . I think there’s a lot of good people working to make the world better. It’s not just . . . You’ve made me pessimistic in this conversation just sort of talking about all the crappy stuff. But there are a lot of really smart, good people working out there to make the world a better place. And you know inventions to clean this and to feed that. And so . . . and to cure that disease. So . . . and . . . and . . . and you know let’s not fool ourselves. The way we live is happier and more fulfilling than anyone has ever lived in the history of humanity. I mean we just . . . I . . . I can . . . I can take a shower every morning. It’s nice. As much hot water as I want. How dreamy is that, you know? King Solomon, you know, would have . . . would have cut off his arm for such a luxury, you know? And yet we can almost all do that. So I . . . I . . . I do . . . We are . . . Things are good, and they are getting better. So I’m an optimist. I take it back.