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Melissa Chiu, Museum Director and Curator for Contemporary Asian and Asian-American art at the Asia Society, has had a long involvement with Asian contemporary art and is recognized as a[…]

Governments and cultural communities must cooperate.

Question: Are you generally optimistic or pessimistic about the way the world is headed?

Melissa Chiu: I think . . . I think I’m always optimistic in how we might . . . we might deal with these issues. I think that there are, of course, moments of great pessimism when things appear to be going terribly; but I think that there are . . . there is still great work being done in various different communities. And certainly if you look at the London situation, there are great leaders. And even . . . you know recently, I have been reading more about the . . . the imams in London and the way that they are _____ with the London government _____ as representatives. And I think that that kind of collaborative . . . collaborative approach between communities and government is something that we should always ______ as a great model.


Recorded on: 7/11/07






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