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Who's in the Video
Andrew Kohut is the president of the Pew Research Center. He also acts as director of the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press (formerly the Times Mirror[…]

We can choose among an increasing array of information sources, Kohut says.

Question: Collectively what should we be doing?

Andrew Kohut: I think consider the other person’s plight. Consider the other person’s point of view.

Question: What are we doing right?


Andrew Kohut: That we’re doing right? There’s an interesting concept. I think . . . Let me think about that. What do the polls say we’re doing right? I think the public thinks that we’re doing scientific developments in the area of new medical procedures; and not the way we practice health care, but the way we . . . the way we develop our . . . our ability to heal people and to deal with disease. We’re . . . we’re doing that right. I think they would say that we are probably happy . . . happier with all of the information resources that they have; that we’re doing a good job of giving them choices to . . . and what they can access in terms of information, both for news and entertainment. Not necessarily happy with the quality of the news and what’s on the news. There’s much . . . there’s much more choice. So those are two . . . a couple of examples, I think.



Recorded on: 9/14/07