What is your counsel?

Shashi Tharoor suggests spending more time getting to know the world.
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Question: Collectively, what should we be doing?

Shashi Tharoor: Well I just think we all need to be spending more time understanding others. We need to be spending more time getting to find out about the world, about people of other cultures, religions, backgrounds, races, civilizations. We ought to be . . . We ought to be engaging with each other so that we can understand how others see us and we can see them whole. I think if every individual were to do that systematically – travel more, meet people of other backgrounds – we would make the world a far happier and far more well-adjusted place than one in which people are divided behind walls of suspicion, of insincerity, of servitudes untested by the experience of sharing life with others.

Recorded on: 9/18/07