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Walt Mossberg is the author and creator of the weekly Personal Technology column in The Wall Street Journal, which has appeared every Thursday since 1991.  With Kara Swisher, he currently[…]

Read, read, read.

Walt Mossberg:  I would advise people to read serious things, long things. I know that people have much less time and much shorter attention spans. But I think in general it’s not good for the world that people don’t read as much as they should.

If you don’t want to read The Wall Street Journal, fine. Don’t read The Wall Street Journal; but read something. Read a serious newspaper. If you don’t want to read any newspaper, when you go on the web, don’t just read a two paragraph blog posting. You can read those. I do every day. They’re fine. But in addition, read somebody’s long, thoughtful article either exposing some situation, or analyzing it, or explaining something.

Or read books. Books are still a wonderful, wonderful thing. And we don’t have a good, electronic way of reading books that’s nearly as good as a paper book. It may change, but right now we don’t.

So that’s part of my advice. Read. Read and think. I guess that would be my advice.


Recorded on: Sep 13, 2007



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