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Who's in the Video
Jon Meacham is the Editor of Newsweek magazine. Since starting there as a writer in 1995, he has also served as the national affairs editor and managing editor. He now[…]

The digital revolution, Meacham says, has been liberating for print.

Question: Are conglomerates a threat?

Jon Meacham: Leaving aside Mr. Murdoch, I think that actually flies in the face of what’s happening. You can’t have a proliferating media universe where everyone can have their own publication, and then worry too much about concentrated power. Is it a threat? Certainly. Everything’s a threat; but my sense – and I work for, I guess, a media conglomerate – I’ve never had a conversation with our owners about we should do this or not do that. I think that most conspiracy theories are wrong for a reason. And I stay up at night about how do we bring in a new generation of people who would be interested in the kind of analysis and news we offer as opposed to worrying about the top down. I’m more worried about the bottom up right now.


Recorded on: 7/3/07