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Hill is the founder of TreeHugger, an online hub for news and information related to environmental sustainability.Hailed as a "green CNN," TreeHugger hosts a constantly updated blog, newsletters, video and[…]

Spreading awareness is still a challenge.

Question: What is the biggest challenge the environmental movement faces? 

Graham Hill: There’s a lot that we can do. Part of it is just knowledge; people understanding. A big part of it is breaking it down for people. So people are busy, and for most people, this is a very new area. And so convenience is a real killer; so you have to break it down for people. How do you really make it easy for them to take action? We can inspire, and educate, and really give people the tools to make it as easy as possible for them to take action. I think that’s the key.


Recorded on: July 28, 2008