What does it take to lead a creative business?

Question: What does it take to lead a creative business?

Robin Cembalest:
I think you have to have a big army of people that are out there looking at things, I think that is one thing in an art magazine, there are so many articles that we have people that really see all the photo shows, we have people that follow sculpture, we have people that followed 19th century French painting, we have been  number of people who would go in to China, all the time, we have people going to that follow Korea,  I mean all over the world you have to have this idea that you are in a magazine like this that we are at the centre and we have these people all over the place reporting back to us and then the other issue with the monthly magazine is that you do not want to just reproduce the news from the daily paper, the news that is going into the internet, you have to push it forward and presented in a new and interesting way.

Question: What is good leadership?

Robin Cembalest: What is good leadership? I guess good leadership is inspiring people in making it fun.

Question: Has it been difficult to lead as a woman?

Robin Cembalest: Not in the art world, I think in the art world there is a lot of women in strong positions and in journalism too.

Recorded: 1/14/08


Cembalest, on leading and leading as a woman.

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