What do you see as America's potential as a Service Nation?

Question: What do you see as America's potential as a Service Nation?

Queen:    I think it’s tremendously encouraging that both presidential candidates, let’s say the next president of the United States committed to both the principles and the mission of ServiceNation yesterday, and I think that this organization because of that kind of commitment and the broad spectrum of people who have joined together to make this summit possible and to bring it alive today and yesterday, that has an enormous possibility.  If we do not follow through and we all have a responsibility to follow through, we are missing an enormous opportunity to really transform.  I think, the… transform so many people in this country beginning with the young people and really for all generations especially as baby boomers now, who have I think an enormous opportunity to contribute even more to this country and to the larger world, I think ServiceNation can be a catalyst, a motivator, and a transformational movement if we all continue with a spirit and the energy that we’ve seen last night and today.  And if we make it a public, private series of partnerships that are all focused on bringing out the best in the people of this country and in our relationships doing the same with the people in the rest of the world. 

"We all have a responsibility to follow through," Queen Noor says.

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