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Hill is the founder of TreeHugger, an online hub for news and information related to environmental sustainability.Hailed as a "green CNN," TreeHugger hosts a constantly updated blog, newsletters, video and[…]

A faith in a larger process.

Question: Do you have a personal philosophy?

Graham Hill: A personal philosophy? I don’t see myself as being religious per se. I do try to think that we’re all part of a larger being, and I think that helps me be empathetic towards others. I think that’s something that runs through many religions; the “do unto others as you would have done unto you” or what have you. And I think you see that in every religion. And I believe that.

I think my philosophy; I’d like to contribute more than I take. I’d like to have a bigger impact.

We live in a very strange world where a very small percentage of us live very comfortable lives, and a very large percentage of us live quite uncomfortable lives. I think I’m very privileged, and I’d really love to help those less privileged to live better lives.

Question: Do you have a political philosophy that you’ve developed? 

Graham Hill: I’m certainly not a political junkie by any stretch. I do my best to read TreeHugger on a regular basis.

I believe the government is a very important part, I think, of sort of the three-legged stool; and that’s in terms of green. That’s probably in terms of most things. There’s a consumer, there’s business and there’s government. And I think they play a very important role, as do the others.

I think that politics are very important. I haven’t really played much in that realm. It will be interested to see if I will. I don’t know if I have the patience.

Question: What is the measure of a good life?

Graham Hill: Well I think I’d like to have given much more than I took away. I think it’s really that simple.


Recorded on: July 28, 2008

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