What do you believe?

Question: Do you have a personal philosophy?

Peter Rojas: Well I think the . . . the common thread has been, you know, that . . . that there’s no reason to throw yourself into something unless you’re really excited or passionate about it. But it . . . I think I’m at the point where I just . . . when I look at every . . . any kind of project, it’s something, like, I’m excited about doing. It’s something that, like, I think, you know . . . and I try to just sort of purge all the cynicism from . . . from what . . . from . . . from my work I guess. You know it’s not that like Engadget itself editorially isn’t cynical. But it’s more like, you know, if I really thought like, you know, the world of gadgets was, like, just so screwed up and a mess like . . . that I shouldn’t you know . . . and there was nothing to be done. Like I wouldn’t be writing in the first place. And so I guess it’s sort of like a sense of . . . of optimism, and that you know that you should follow what your . . . that you should follow what your passion is about, and just be engaged, and just try to, you know . . . not just be someone who just sits around and does nothing. I mean I don’t know. I mean I have no way to . . . I guess I have to think about how I would sum it up into like a . . . a specific philosophy.



Rojas talks about his beliefs.

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