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Uri Savir is an Israeli diplomat. He served as head of Israeli diplomacy in the critical years, 1993-1996, when he was the Chief Negotiator of the Oslo Accords. In 1999,[…]

Uri Savir adjusts America’s lens for viewing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Savir: I think the one thing that the United States needs to understand paradoxically about the Israelis and Palestinians is how close we are as human beings, how, on a latent level, a common language we have, that what is lacking is political courage to make difficult decisions, difficult for the Palestinians to give up on the right of return, difficult for Israel not to have a United Jerusalem. So, if they understand that, to some degree, the people are more mature than their leaderships, the encouragement towards a courageous leadership on both sides, having the backing of the United States help that courage is the most important point for American future policy.