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Reynold Levy has been president of the Lincoln Center since 2002. Prior to being selected for this role, he was president of the International Rescue Committee, an international aid organization,[…]

The president of Lincoln Center has a short but effective list of promises he makes to his potential donors and that almost anybody considering contributing to a non-profit is also looking to hear.

QuestionWhat impression should fund-raising be attempting to make on donors?

Reynold Levy: You want the donor to feel that their gift will make something happen that would otherwise not happen or make it happen better or make it reach people that would otherwise not be able to be reached. I tell donors all the time that I can guarantee them three things. A gift to Lincoln Center will insure a better night’s sleep, will allow them to live longer and will create an unobstructed pathway to heaven. That’s what giving to Lincoln Center does.

And if it provides those three benefits, how could we refuse anyone that opportunity? So, we try to reach anyone who we care about enough to offer those three benefits.