Thom Browne on What Dictates Fashion

Browne hopes that designers aren't too swayed by industry forces.
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Question: Who dictates fashion?

Thom Browne: Who dictates . . . I guess in a . . . in a way I . . . I guess it’s, you know, the consumer does, you know definitely dictate on how . . . on how big fashion ideas become. I mean definitely editors create either trends or say something is, you know, whatever . . . “in or out”, whatever that means. And then . . . but more importantly I would hope that fashion designers just do their own thing and don’t get caught up in who is dictating fashion. Because in a way, especially when I design my collections, I don’t think about that. Everybody kind of creates that after I do what I do because I’m not conscious of creating a trend of creating anything past what is true to me.


Recorded on: 10/29/07