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Who's in the Video
Jimmy Conrad is an American soccer defender, who currently plays for the Kansas City Wizards of Major League Soccer and the United States national team. He is also team captain[…]

Franz Beckenbauer heads the list.

Question: Who do you look up to?

Jimmy Conrad: The one that jumps out of me is Franz Beckenbauer who played for Germany in the ‘70s, he played then for the cosmos, I think he played for the cosmos, you know I don’t know, I should know my history better than that, but he is just an amazing player, he is very graceful, his decision making was always very clever and you know in the way he lead was I can’t say behind the scenes, but just in terms upon the field, he is always projected a cool and calmness in this composure, that I thought permeated through the rest of the team, and I think that is something that I try to emulate in some regard, you know when things are getting tough and things are hard, let me try to just try to find that balance of trying to bring it back the other way and if guys I don’t think are doing enough then you know, I can be that guide too and I think that has been the hardest thing for me because that goes against my grain, it is been this sort of guy, I have in me but I never really bring out that much because I just, that is not really the guy I choose to be.

Recorded On: 3/24/08