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Myra J. Biblowit has served as a director of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation since our separation from Cendant in July 2006. Ms. Biblowit was a Cendant director from April 2000 until[…]

When it comes to finding a cure, there is cause to be optimistic.

Myra Biblowitz: I think Dr. Norton feels that we’re very close, he has said to me “We’ve probably cured it, we just don’t know it” it’s a matter of how we connect the dots.  Sometimes the answer’s in front of you but it doesn’t all sequence in the right way.  So I think that we are very close, I think we’ve made enormous strides already.  I feel that we’re very close and probably I’d like to see our organization be able to go out of business in 10 years or so.  Dr. Norton says that it’s like the hub of a wheel, breast cancer is further along in many ways, our understanding of it and for those cancers epithelial type cancers that have to do with membranes that are similar and that’s a large percentage of the cancers, if you can crack the code on breast cancer, it’s like spokes of a wheel, you will equally inform and accelerate the resolution of those other related cancers.  So we believe you can consign cancer to the history books and we hope that it’s sooner not later, we’re working mightily to make that so.