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Myra J. Biblowit has served as a director of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation since our separation from Cendant in July 2006. Ms. Biblowit was a Cendant director from April 2000 until[…]

Biblowitz describes the road ahead for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and ways to get involved in raising funds for research.

Myra Biblowitz: To raise as much money as we can, to feed that hungry animal, to take this advancement in scientific knowledge and move it forward as fast as we can.  The intellectual capital is in place, the technology is in place, the diagnostic tools are there.  We need to put the money and the resources in the hands of the researchers so that they can resolve this, this is resolvable.  It’s a matter of

dollars moving the knowledge forward faster.

Question: How can donors reach your organization, and where can they expect their funds to go?

Myra Biblowit:
Well they can call us or they can go to or call 646 497 2600, $250,000 funds one researcher, that is the typical size of a research grant.  Many of our partners, our donors, our corporations fully fund a researcher, we recognize them, we associate them with the researcher and they love that and they get the benefit of hearing about the progress.  But every gift counts, cumulatively that 40 million comes from donors large and small, so no one should feel their dollar doesn’t make a difference because it is the collective resources that are gonna resolve this.  We would welcome the support of everyone listening to this, be assured that the dollars you invest with us are well and wisely and efficiently invested.  Our medical advisory board second to none, really knows where the best research is taking place and we’re putting the money in the hands of those researchers and we’re doing it with the smallest overhead of any breast cancer organization in the country.