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Internationally renowned, Dr. Michael Perelman is Co-Director, of the Human Sexuality Program, New York Presbyterian Hospital. He is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Reproductive Medicine, and Urology at Weill Medical[…]

It depends on your age, says Michael Perelman.

Question: How much sex is right?

Michael Perelman: I think it varies a little bit with age. We have these slides sometimes we will show in medical educational audiences about when you are very young, it is three times weekly, and by the time you are much older it is tri-weakly, with W-E-A-K-L-Y, so adjusting to a diminishing desire and frequency so that couples over 60 might be having sex, you know, every other week, even once a month. The concept of average and normal is so statistically driven that it becomes meaningless because back to the sexual tipping point, what else is going on in people’s lives? So people can be having great sex at high frequency if they are both attracted and healthy to each other and have limited other responsibilities. The more you pile on other responsibilities and diminished health and capacity, the less frequently people are going to have sex, and that doesn’t mean that that’'s a problem. So I think frequency is overrated as a way of evaluating the quality of a couple’s or individual’s sex life.